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Ms. Karen J. Pinel

Welcome Back, Students!

I hope you had a wonderful summer vacation and are ready to return to school! The administrative team, faculty, staff, and I are looking forward to welcoming you. We’ve started the year by “renewing our vows” and saying “I Do commit to my students’ success.” This means that we’re committed to our mission of providing a healthy, safe, supportive, engaging, and challenging learning environment. By doing this, we’re ensuring that you fulfill the Final Five for graduation: maintaining an acceptable G.P.A.; demonstrating good behavior and attendance, passing all Regents examinations, taking college admission tests and applying to college, and fulfilling community service hours. I want you to remember that we are all here for you. Your voice counts – this is your school.  If you ever have a question or an idea, I want you to feel comfortable talking to any adult in the building, including me. I truly care about your success and I’m committed to seeing you graduate!




Karen Pinel, Principal