• Employee Self Service (ESS)

    Employee Self Service (ESS) is available to active salaried East Ramapo CSD employees (starting in 2019). Through ESS you are able to view your paychecks, your attendance, and other employee information.

    If you are an active, salaried employee you will receive an invitation email to create an account on WinCapWeb so you can use Employee Self Service (ESS).

    Employee Self Service will be available to you on the WinCapWeb website once you click on the link in the invitation email, then follow the account creation steps, and logon to WinCapWeb.

    WinCapWeb is a Web portal that is accessible through any internet browser at home or at work by going to wincapweb.com and using the username (your email address) and the password (8 characters with at least one letter (upper or lowercase), at least one number, and at least one symbol/special character) you established.

    Employee Self Service allows you to see your attendance balances and activity, your paychecks and Year-to-Date total pay, your W-2s, your employee deductions, and demographics.

    • My Attendance Balances shows the available balances for Sick, Family Sick, Personal, etc.
    • My Attendance Activity views the attendance activity for a selected date range, and the Calendar shows the activity in a calendar format.
    • My Paychecks shows your paychecks for a selected date range.
    • My Year to Date Totals allows you to see all pay per fiscal year including Gross wages, Net wages, FICA wages, Federal wages, and State wages. Further, you can look deeper with My Position and My Year to Date Detail.
    • My W-2s can be viewed or printed.
    • My Employee Deductions shows the current deduction settings for Federal (W-4) or State (NYS IT-2104). This page includes links for the forms to change deductions.
    • My Employee Demographics has your employee number, email address, mailing address, phone, and emergency contact information.

    By logging on to WinCapWeb, you are agreeing to not share your password, maintaining the integrity of the system, and use the system in an authorized and appropriate manner.

    Contact ess@ercsd.org for more information or assistance.