•                    MLA Style: Format Your Paper        

    General Format                                                                MLA 8 Handout UND Writing Center
    · Margin: One inch on all sides
    · Font size: 12 point
    · Typeface: Choose an easily readable typeface, e.g., Times New Roman
    · Spacing: Double-space the entire paper
    · Punctuation: Leave one space after a period and other punctuation marks
    · Alignment: Flush left, uneven on right
    · Indentation: Indent one-half inch the first line of every paragraph
    · Pagination: Number all pages in the header flush right with author’s last name first

     Heading and Title
    · No title page
    · Type author’s name, instructor's name, course number, and date on separate double-spaced lines
    · Capitalize the first, last and all principal words of title and subtitle
    · Double-space and center the title
    · Double-space between the lines of the title, and between the title and the first line of text. 

     Sample Works Cited Page                         MLA 8 Works Cited Format  Handout           

                                                   MLA 8 Works Cited Format

    Center the heading Works Cited at the top of a new page.

    Double space (format, line spacing, double).

    Indent the second line of each source.  Video How to format a MLA 8 Works Cited Page 

    Do not include http:// for any online website source.

    Capitalize Book titles, italicize book titles, and use quotation marks for articles. End each entry with a period.

    Alphabetize each entry by the author's name or title of the article if not author.

    Zoterobib will generate your works cited list. Remember to check the format, and do not include http:// for any web resource.


How to format an MLA 8 works cited by Michelle Luhtala