• "The UPK Rap" or  "It's 10:00, Where's your 4 year old?"

    I'm the Rapper Man, that's who I be
    I go by the name of Puff Literacy.
    But, from Monsey -to Haverstraw -and throughout New York City-
    The kids all know me as The Rapper, "P.Litty".

    And I'm here to rap - to you all today
    About a program - called - the "UPK".
    It's 2 and ½ hours of free education -
    For 4 year olds - whether Spanish or Haitian.

    Or French, or Jewish, or Mexican, too.
    If you're 4 years old - we got a place for you.
    You see, New York State - is so much wantin' -
    To get you all to start learnin' - in Pre-Kindergarten.

    Let's begin right now - to learn those A, B, Cs
    And to practice our "thank yous," - "you're welcome," and "please".
    The state cares a lot - so, parents, don't be a fool.
    You better start right now - and get your kid into school.

    The program teaches - but makes it fun.
    It's the ideal place for every daughter and son.
    Developmentally, academically - you'll see them advance -
    They all can get there - this gives them the chance.

    The "UPK" experience will plant the seeds.
    The teacher will screen them, then address their needs.
    The instruction that follows will be so much fun.
    Did you know skills are learned when kids jump, climb, and run?

    Blocks, art, and books - and dramatic play
    Are all part of the learning - in the "UPK".
    And then there're clicks, puzzles, legos - and other manipulatives
    It's great seeing kids learn - from the toys that one gives.

    "UPK" gives them snacks - both healthy and nutritious
    They'll learn that candy ain't the only - food that's delicious.
    We'll teach them to share - and to pour their own drink.
    And to wash and dry their hands - and how to use the sink.

    For proper social and emotional development -
    To the "UPK" - your child should be sent.
    Also, cognitive and language, - and motor skills - improve -
    So, sign your kid up today - and go and make the move.

    Your child will be so happy - and ever so thrilled
    You better call right now - 'fore all the spots get filled.
    Yes, get on that phone - before it's too late
    And dial 577 - 6155

    There's just one thing - you gotta be sure -
    That by Dec. 1st - your child is 4.
    Remember it's all for free - there's nothing to pay.
    It's the NYS program - called the "UPK".

    Now, to end my rap - I just want to say
    Your child comes first - so don't delay.
    If he's a 4 year old - put him in "UPK" -
    Where he'll "Play to Learn…and Learn to Play."

    Yes, I'm The Rapper Man, so remember me.
    I go by the name of "Puff Literacy."
    And these thoughts of mine - which I put into verse
    Are for a more literate - and harmonious - universe.

    Now I hope you got my message - and you know what I meant -
    'Cause I'm the Master in Early Childhood - Development.
    And I just wanna be sure - before I'm departin' -
    That your kid will be in Universal - Pre-Kindergarten!

    "UPK" … "UPK" … 577-6158 … "UPK" … "UPK" …

     UPK Rap by Arnie Warmbrand
    "...for a more literate, harmonius universe."