• Tips on How to Get Organized To Do Your Homework and Schoolwork

    Use Your Agenda

    ·        Write down all assignments when your teachers give them to you.
    ·        Break down large assignments into smaller ones.

    ·        Note project due dates even if they are weeks away, and set smaller due dates for parts of the project.  Don’t wait until the last minute to do a long term project!

    ·        Every night you should read through your notes from that day to help remember the information you learned. This will make it easier to study when you have a test or quiz. Write yourself a reminder in your agenda!

    Make a place for school stuff at home

    ·        Pick a spot you can put your backpack, notebooks, and homework.
    ·        As soon as you get home, put all your school stuff in that spot (near the front door or in your bedroom are good places).
    ·        When you do your homework, put all completed assignments back in the correct section of your binder so you can find them in class the next day.
    ·        Before you go to bed, stick everything back in your backpack so you’ll be ready to go in the morning.

    Find a study spot

    ·        Find one place where you study regularly. When you sit at this place, you know its time to get serious about schoolwork.
    ·        Wherever you choose, make sure the space is well lit and quiet (turn off the radio or TV and don’t answer the phone).
    ·        This space should be comfortable. Try a few places until you find a space that works for you.
    ·        Keep your space neat and well supplied. If you can’t find a pencil or paper, you’ll spend time searching for supplies you need instead of studying.

    Have a regular study time

    ·        Find a time that works for you. Maybe studying right after school feels is good for you but maybe you need a break and would rather study in the early evening. Find a time and stick to it! Don’t wait until late at night when you should be going to bed.
    ·        Look at your assignment book and check off each thing as you finish it. Then put each completed assignment into your binder.
    ·        Take short, regular breaks while studying. Research says to take a short break every 20 minutes.
    ·        Plan your week. Take into account a doctor’s appointment or an after-school activity. Set a different study time for that day.