Mrs. Quinones

    Reading Strategies

    Activating prior knowledge

    • Students think about what they already know and use that knowledge and other clues to better understand what they read or to predict what will happen next


    • Students develop and attempt to answer questions about the important ideas in the text while reading, using words such as "where" and "why" to develop their questions


    • Students develop a mental image about the text to assist in understanding of the text

    Monitoring, Clarifying, and Fix-Up

    • Students are instructed to pay attention to whether they understand what they are reading, and when they do not, they re-read or use other strategies that will help

    Drawing Inferences

    • Students generate information that is important to constructing meaning but that is missing from, or not explicitly stated in, the text. Students are encouraged to use clues from the text and their prior knowledge to construct inferences about the text.


    • Students briefly describe, orally or in writing, the main points of what they have read