• What is Speech and Language?


    What is SPEECH?

    When we talk about SPEECH, we are talking about:

    Articulation - the ability to physically produce sounds and sound combinations

    Fluency - the ability to produce speech with appropriate rhythm and free of stuttering behavior

    Voice - the ability to produce speech with appropriate vocal quality for age and gender

    When a student has trouble saying sounds, stutters when he/she speaks, or has a voice problem, he or she has a speech delay or disorder.


    What is LANGUAGE?

    When we talk about LANGUAGE, we are talking about the words we use and how we use them to share ideas to get what we want. Language includes:

    What words mean.

    How to make new words.

    How to put words together.

    What we should say at different times.

    When a student has trouble understanding language, then he or she has a receptive language delay or disorder.

    When a student has trouble expressing him or herself, then he or she has an expressive language delay or disorder.

    A student can have a mixed language delay ro disorder, when they have trouble with both receptive and expressive language. 


    If you have any concerns with your child's speech and language skills, please contact your child's teacher.