• Social Studies

    The High School Social Studies program is derived from the Learning Standards for Social Studies, developed by the New York State Education Department.  The required courses (Global History, United States History and Government, Economics, and Participation in Government) are specifically derived from the State Education Department's Resource Guide and Core Curriculum.  In order to create a knowledgeable and participatory citizen, all of the courses provide the concepts, content and skills necessary for informed participation in a democratic society.  Additionally, the variety of elective courses offered provides opportunities for students to pursue areas of personal interest.  Specifically, the major purposes of the Social Studies program are:

    • to promote civic competency;
    • to integrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes within and across disciplines, with special emphasis on the ELA and technology standards;
    • to help students construct a knowledge base within history, geography, economics, political science, anthropology, and sociology;
    • to reflect the changing nature of knowledge by connecting historical events to contemporary issues;
    • to encourage decision-making and higher order critical thinking skills; and
    • to emphasize major concepts and enduring understandings.