• Foreign Language

    The East Ramapo Central School District believes that learning a second language is an integral part of the student’s total learning experience and provides a basis for interdisciplinary activity. The student’s ability to communicate in a second language is the primary goal of the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Program. The structure of courses is PROFICIENCY-BASED and the course descriptions which follow are intended to indicate what the student will be able to do with the language as a result of instruction within the scope of the communicative and cultural goals.

    The HOW WELL component of communication is addressed by the proficiencies that reflect the level of linguistic and cultural competence expected of students at three State Mandated checkpoints:

    Checkpoint “A” = New York State Second Language Proficiency Examination

    Checkpoint “B” = New York State Comprehensive Regents Examination Checkpoint “C” = Advanced Language Programs including the appropriate Advanced Placement Examinations

    East Ramapo offers Regents level programs in two languages: French and Spanish. Current New York State graduation requirements include a minimum of one unit in Languages Other Than English for a high school diploma. Students who complete Level III and successfully pass the New York State Comprehensive Regents in LOTE will be eligible for an Advanced Regents diploma.

    Students will be grouped by ability after completing the grade 8 Beginning 2 class. Students intending to pursue a more in-depth study of a language will be placed in Language II Honors in grade 9, culminating in Language III Honors in grade 10 and the New York State Comprehensive Regents. All other students will be placed in Language II in grade 9, culminating in Language III in grade 10 and the New York State Comprehensive Regents.

    Students who take the Beginning 1 course in grade 8 must complete the Beginning 2 course in 9th grade and take the Second Language Proficiency Examination to receive the one unit of LOTE needed for high school graduation. 9th grade students who pass the Beginning 2 course or the Proficiency Exam will receive the 1 unit of LOTE credit fulfilling the graduation requirement.

    In Levels II and III of a language, when fewer than twenty (20) students are enrolled, only one track will be offered. Courses beyond the Language Level III (AP or Advanced) will be offered if warranted by the number of students enrolled.