Universal Pre-K Program

    Welcome to Universal Pre-K Program.

    The East Ramapo Central School District is proud and delighted to welcome you and your four year old to our Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program (UPK). We are pleased to collaborate with close to 60 pre-schools and child centers to help your four-year old - develop socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically, culturally, and intellectually.

    The Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) is a special early childhood program established by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and contracted School Districts (East Ramapo) to provide an early learning experience for children who will be four years old by December 1, 2021.

    The UPK program is conducted with a qualified teacher and an assistant in every class. The children attend five (5) half days for 2 ½ hours each day, for 180 school days per school year, AT NO COST TO YOU! There are also a LIMITED number of slots in a Full-Day (5-Hour) Pre-K program. Placement will be determined based on income eligibility, and other criteria.

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    The UPK office can be reached by calling the East Ramapo UPK Office at 845-577-6251

    UPK Explained Audio File

    UPK Rap

    Arnie Warmbrand
    East Ramapo UPK Coordinator

    Jill Halpern
    UPK Facilitator

    Karina Diaz
    UPK Secretary

    Jacqueline Contreras
    UPK Secretary