• Management Information Systems

    The MIS department supports the mission of ERCSD by providing technology-related services and support for students, teachers and staff as technology becomes an ever more integral part of our student’s life.

    Bhavin Gandhi
    Interim Director of Information Technology Services

    Azhar Ahmad
    Network Technology Consultant, LHRIC

    Lisa Perry
    District Data Coordinator 

    Gail Piscitelli
    Chief Information Officer

    Christopher Neils
    Systems Analyst

    Ian Coyne
    Senior Network Specialist, LHRIC


    Information Systems manages systems such as:  

    • Student Information Systems
    • Employee Self Service 
    • IEP Direct - Special Education Information System
    • Groupwise Email 
    • Instructional Information Portal
    • VADIRS - Student Reporting System
    • WinSNAP - School Lunch System, in conjunction with the Business office
    • Versatran - Transportation System, in conjunction with the Transportation office
    • WinCap - Human Resources/Financial system
    • Security Camera System 
    • Johnson Controls - HVAC system
    • Computer Networks and Servers
      • LANs and WANs - Wiring and the network switching equipment which interconnects the technology throughout the District.
      • Computer Servers - Centralized computers which all us to save/share documents, deliver software applications and control security access to the network.  We currently have 40 servers.
      • Purchasing of desktops and related equipment for staff.
      • Co-Coordinate the BOCES/LHRIC technical personnel on various administrative and instructional installations and repairs.
    • State Reporting
      • Collect, maintain and transmit the various reporting data to the state and federal government, such as student demographic and assessment data for State and Federal reporting.
      • Assist the Office of Curriculum and Instruction with data review, verification and analysis of state reports.
    • Central Registration
      • Intake and document verification for all new students.  This office has become vital for the collection of accurate demographic data that is eventually used for State and Federal reporting.
    • Telephone Systems, Mailroom and ID Cards
      • Internal and external mail delivery and courier services 
      • Bulk mail preparation for the schools and district offices
      • Maintain and process employee ID cards
      • Phone and voicemail systems, billing oversight
      • District cell phones