• Facilities Department


    Howard Hyman
    Assistant Director

    Cathy Ehrlich

    The Facilities Department’s mission is to serve the East Ramapo community by providing professional and effective facility maintenance. Our goal is to supply students, staff and visitors a  safe environment to learn, work and enjoy recreational events.

    We are responsible for the maintenance and construction activities in four secondary schools, nine elementary schools, an administration building, and a variety of other buildings. In all, we have 24 buildings that total about 1,500,000 square feet.

    Among school districts, we are uniquely structured in a way that allows us to perform most of the maintenance and complete certain construction projects with our own personnel. Our "shop" includes: Electrical - headed by Lee Churchwell; Carpentry -  headed by Ira Rappaport; Plumbing - headed by Rob Brennock; HVAC - headed by Jeff Diehl; Locks and Hardware - headed by Doug Hofsiss.

    Our custodians are responsible for the day-to-day operation of our buildings. They work with the building administrators to accommodate many special activities such as plays, and sporting events. They are the first responders for emergencies and they keep our buildings open from 6:00 a.m. until midnight Many of our buildings are also open on weekends and holidays.

    The level of expertise this department offers comes from having the right people - working well together - having a common goal. We are extremely proud of our Department’s contribution to the educational process