• Academics & Curriculum


    What will my child be learning at school?

    Every child is provided with a quality learning experience.
    All students:

    • focus on primary literacy and math skills.
    • participate in Science and Social Studies experiences.
    • develop good study skills and interpersonal skills.
    • learn to work well with others.
    • learn to solve problems and think critically.

    What if I want to know more about my child's academic program?

    Speak with your child's teacher about specific academic goals and objectives.

    What are English Language Arts Expectations?

    All students will develop proficiency in Language Arts skills by third grade and:

    • become an independent reader, writer, listener, speaker and thinker.
    • read and respond to a  wide variety of texts.
    • respond using a wide variety of writing skills and styles.
    • learn and use critical thinking and problem solving skills.


    Reading is the key to success in all academic areas. At Fleetwood we provide the level of instruction that is appropriate for each child by differentiating the instruction in each classroom.


    What are Mathematics Expectations? 

    Fleetwood integrates 8 key ideas of mathematics into each unit taught.  All students will learn important mathematical concepts and skills by third grade in:

    • mathematical reasoning.
    • number sense and numeration.
    • operations.
    • modeling and multiple representations.
    • measurement.
    • uncertainty.
    • patterns and functions.
    • learning and using critical thinking and problem solving skills.


    Fleetwood uses a variety of resources in teaching mathematical concepts and skills. This variety continues to support student differences while giving classroom teachers the ability to decide which lessons will best meet the needs of his or her students.