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    The Role of a School Counselor

     The goal of a Middle School Counselor is to create an environment where each student is able to find confidence in themselves and believe in their own competence as a learner. They need to learn how to create and reach their goals. Students at this age begin to rely more on their peers for guidance and acceptance. Therefore, it is essential that they learn strong decision making skills and know that they have a network of adults to turn to as well.

     As school counselor, we work with the students, faculty and parents to provide academic and social/emotional support for all students. This is done through classroom guidance lessons, small group and individual student meetings, and ongoing communication with parents and faculty.

     Middle School is often referred to as a bridge from elementary school to high school. Together we can help students walk over that bridge with the preparation they need to be successful when they get to high school. We all need to help them to learn how to “Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Cooperative.” By remembering what we call the 4 Bees our students will be well prepared to face future challenges.

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    After School Clubs and Activities.

    Listen to morning announcements to find out when and where the clubs are meeting. Get involved!

    • Computer Club
    • Girl’s Circle
    • Student Council
    • Yearbook
    • National Junior Honors Society
    • Book Club
    • Dream Project 
    • Newspaper Club
    • Boys' Council
    • Multicultural Club
    • Neighbor to Neighbor Gardening Program
    • Girl's Circle
    • Weather Club
    • Little Factory
    • Musical Production
    • After School Academic Academy